So the internets tell me that today was ‘National Apron Day’, which seems somewhat arbitrary, but I love silly holidays, so I’ll take this opportunity to share a photo of an apron I made to wear when selling at craft fairs (kind of like the aprons servers at restaurants wear to handle money, receipt books, etc.).  I made 2, one for me and one for my friend Rachel; her’s is slightly more muted colors, I’ll try to get a photo nest time I see her.

Fishy Fishy apron

Fishy Fishy apron

The aprons are  made out of some random wool felt rectangles I had lying around.  I added a little needle felted fish to mine.

To make your own, simply cut felt to the sizes of pockets you want, then sew together!  Easiest thing ever – but I still got lots of compliments on it.

To add the wrinkles you see in the photo, drop apron in a puddle in a parking lot during a rare Colorado torential down pour.