House Giraffe and 'Giraffe Snacks' toy

House Giraffe and 'Giraffe Snacks' toy

I have always dreamed of a mini house giraffe that would clomp around the house and eat houseplants, so for the last couple years, I have come across opportunities that have allowed me to make mini giraffes.

One of the best was a great paper mache giraffe that I made a couple of years ago on a quiet friday night and then ended up mummifying him this fall for an entry into the Denver Community Museum.  A few weeks ago, that giraffe was part of an auction at the museum and it ended up going home with my friend Joanne who now lives in Boston.  So, the mini-house giraffe love is slowly spreading!

An Entertained Giraffe

Here is the latest commissioned mini giraffe for my friend Kurt, it comes along with a  toy (a felt tree branch) so that the giraffe can stay entertained and so that  it won’t get too jealous when the cats in their household are being played with. I’m sure this will make a fun addition to Kurt and Karen’s house as long as the cats don’t try to tear the innocent little giraffe apart.