The Power Year Project – Documenting my Life Visually

My goal: Produce 1 drawing (or other creative visual representation) each week that documents my current life and surroundings.

The Rules:

  1. Once a week, I will complete a minimum of one drawing. I will call it complete (which is a very hard thing for me to do) and publish it to the internet.
  2. I will set aside a minimum of thirty minutes each day for personal creativity (not work, not pre-ordered FishyFishy business, not extra-curricular organization business…just me, creating something) to be accompanied only be music or silence.
  3. Once a month, on the 11th of the month, I will reassess my priorities and make sure that my drawings have all been published and I have moved on.

The Reason:

I need to regain focus in my life. I have reached the point in my life where other people’s creative pursuits have overwhelmed my life and I need to regain focus on my own personal creative pursuits. Drawing and painting were some of the most important things in my childhood. When I started on the path to become an architect, I didn’t realize that these passions that drove me to the field might be neglected and left behind. So, this project aims to reanimate the passion that has driven so much of the direction of my life. Getting back into the practice of daily (non-technical) drawing has the potential to fulfill a lot of the aspects of my life that are currently unfulfilled, or substituted by unsatisfactory pursuits. I’m hoping that making this a priority and being held accountable will also help me remove myself from some of my commitments that do not contribute as positively to my life as I would like.

The Inspiration:

Like Harold, you create your own destiny by drawing the lines and the shapes of your experiences and surroundings. It’s time for me to get control of the purple crayon again…