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Ballyhoo: NOUN,  1.  A clamorous and vigorous attempt to win customers or advance any cause; blatant advertising or publicity.

My Denver Handmade Alliance friends and I have been frantically preparing to make a lot of clamor in our community about awesome handmade stuff!  We’ve teamed up with the Denver Office of Creative Affair’s Create Denver Week to put on a craft fair next Saturday that all you local Denverites should come to!


I have been dreaming of planning a design competition for a while now, and the perfect opportunity to plan one has finally presented itself!  Earlier this year, the Buntport Theater board was restructured in an exciting way which has resulted in several of us former advisory board members having committed to raise a rather significant amount of money for the theater every year.  Since I don’t know very many rich people, I figured I better start planning some fun events to raise money instead.

First up is Incognito, a disguise design competition that will end with a big auction party  (with great local music and even puppets! – who doesn’t love puppets!?!).  We just announced the call for entries and already I’m really excited by the interest from very different artists, architects, crafters, local business owners, and just plain, ordinary, creative people.  I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

sundrop charmThe ‘Mile High Etsy’ team has begun a craft exchange and this month was the first excahnge.  This month’s theme was the weather and since we’ve had some rainy days recently interrupting the otherwise fabulous warm spring sun, I decided to make a ‘sundrop’ felted necklace pendant.   It was a pretty simple and quick project but I think it turned out lovely.  Hopefully the recipient of this will like it too!

So the internets tell me that today was ‘National Apron Day’, which seems somewhat arbitrary, but I love silly holidays, so I’ll take this opportunity to share a photo of an apron I made to wear when selling at craft fairs (kind of like the aprons servers at restaurants wear to handle money, receipt books, etc.).  I made 2, one for me and one for my friend Rachel; her’s is slightly more muted colors, I’ll try to get a photo nest time I see her.

Fishy Fishy apron

Fishy Fishy apron

The aprons are  made out of some random wool felt rectangles I had lying around.  I added a little needle felted fish to mine.

To make your own, simply cut felt to the sizes of pockets you want, then sew together!  Easiest thing ever – but I still got lots of compliments on it.

To add the wrinkles you see in the photo, drop apron in a puddle in a parking lot during a rare Colorado torential down pour.

My Creatures of the Sea mobile made it into a treasury about naptime on etsy today – thanks snowdrop!  What a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning…although looking at all of those products just kind of makes me want to go back to sleep for a quick little nap.

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